Can Reconnecting with Nature Cure Technology-Induced Anxiety and Depression? Earth Wallet’s ‘Touch Grass’ Film Premiere Explores the Answer

In celebration of Earth Day, the film hopes to inspire technologists and artists to reconnect with nature and help bring a balance back to our increasingly digital lives.

Singapore – Saturday, April 22Earth Wallet, a technology company focused on creating decentralized solutions to bring balance to technology and nature, commemorates Earth Day with the release of a captivating and thought-provoking short film titled “Touch Grass.” The film follows the journey of leading web3 artists from an anxiety-inducing technology conference, to the soul-enriching and awe-inspiring journey to the top of the largest active volcano in Bali.

“Touch Grass” presents a powerful message: the solution to technology-induced anxiety and depression lies in creating incentives that bring humanity back into genuine connection with nature, rather than pushing us further into disconnection online. The film illustrates how the healing power of nature and art can restore balance in our relationship with technology and the Earth, as we become increasingly disconnected in our digital world.

The artists featured in the film, including AGT All-Star Caly Bevie, share their experiences of being overwhelmed by the relentless pace of modern life. They discuss how technology, knowledge, money, data, health, and freedoms have transformed beyond recognition, causing us to lose sight of the simple and beautiful aspects of life on Earth. “Touch Grass” emphasizes the importance of empowering artists and creators with the tools and inspiration to foster a purpose greater than themselves. It demonstrates that individuals have the power to make a positive impact on the planet.

In collaboration with Caly, the film’s soundtrack will be released on May 1st as an NFT. Half of the proceeds of the mint will go towards coral restoration at the location where the film was shot, further emphasizing the commitment to environmental preservation and reconnection with nature. Collectors will also win a chance to join the next Touch Grass Retreat, taking place this summer.

Sukhveer Sanghera, founder of Earth Wallet, said, “Humanity sits at the precipice of AGI, and with it will come profound changes in just about every aspect of society. One of the most dangerous things we can do is tie its incentives to corporate greed. The time is now to align our future towards a new human purpose, that is in balance with the natural world, in order to ensure peace and freedom for the future of humanity on Earth. We all need to Touch Grass.”

“Touch Grass” serves as an inspiring call to action that encourages us to make meaningful changes for the planet and our well-being. Its stunning visuals and powerful message make it a must-watch for anyone committed to creating a better future for our Earth and its inhabitants.

The film will be publicly released on Saturday, April 22. Watch it here.

About Earth Wallet

Earth Wallet is a technology company dedicated to creating decentralized solutions that bring a balance between technology, art, and nature. As part of the Earth Wallet product line, Earth Ether will enable people to stake ETH for EARTH, and earn Ethereum staking rewards while also supporting the leading regeneration initiatives. Together, Earth Wallet & Earth Ether will remove the risk of having to trust centralized exchange and centralized staking pools to stake Ethereum, via its self-custody wallet, and decentralized staking protocol. Earth Wallet is available on iOS, Android and Chrome, with over 50,000 active accounts, and plants a tree for every download. To learn more about the launch of Earth Ether, follow us on Twitter.




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